Whether you need to learn critical appraisal skills for your work, exams or research, you will benefit from subscribing to the Critical Appraisal Online Course. Don't just take our word for it! Below are a selection of testimonials from our satisfied customers from around the world.

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It is great to learn how to access, interpret and apply the information. The power of knowledge is amazing.
Sabina Kay, Canada

The course was fantastic - one of the best, if not the best, in 16 years of medicine and medical school. I have told lots of colleagues who also have do a critical appraisal exam.
Rob Galloway, UK

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and delivered very well.
Le Moss, Australia

Overall i have been very impressed with the course. It quite closely follows the syllabus for [MRCPsych] Paper 3 critical appraisal. Overall great value for money and will be useful revision in the future when appraising studies.
Anna Wilkin, UK

I am a final year SpR in Emergency Medicine. Many thanks for writing such an excellent book and for running an excellent on-line course. Both the book and the course makes it easy to understand statistics. I know at least six SpRs who read your book and passed the critical appraisal exam (which is one of the parts of the exit exam in Emergency Medicine). This exam is quite tough and your book and the course helps in understanding of the terms which makes it easy to write the applied answers.
Rajnish Mittal, UK

I think the online course is extremely helpful. It's exactly what I needed for preparing for my forthcoming exam.
Purnima Chhabra, UK

Really informative and simplified course. Does clear up confusion around complicated statistical terms.
Maha Khan, UK

Great lectures and great lecturer.
Barry Hahn, USA

Yesterday I booked a one month subscription (online critical appraisal) as I was not entirely sure about the course. After using it for less than 24 hours I have realized it is a tremendous course. My congratulations to the organizers. It is an amazing course.
Amaury Delgado Hernandez, UK

Excellent. Thank you. [Taking FRANZCP written exam]
Dilani Rathnaweera, Australia

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