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Pharmaceutical Companies: WebEx Training Opportunities

18th Oct 2021 | Virtual training, Bespoke Course

Why not try organising a tailor-made WebEx training session. Our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a session to meet your objectives a...

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Critical Appraisal - we're running virtual courses

11th Oct 2021 | Virtual training, Workshop, Masterclass, Webinars

Critical Appraisal Virtual Courses The Critical Appraisal Company have continued to run virtual critical appraisal events for healthcare professionals. These h...

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Critical Appraisal Programme, Kuwait

01st Oct 2021 | Workshop

We ran a workshop for members of the British Association of Dermatologists and presented a session on critical appraisal skills. The course was aimed at upskil...

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Sept 2021: Dublin - Medical Microbiology meeting

24th Sept 2021 | Bespoke Course

We organised a tailor-made Live Virtual Classroom Course via WebEx for pharmaceutical medical colleagues. The session was tailor-made and covered the key topic...

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15th Sept 2021 Lancashire Care NHS Trust – Journal Club

15th Sept 2021 | Workshop

We worked in partnership with a multidisciplinary team who are setting up their journal club meetings. Well done to the whole team for critically appraising th...

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Sept 2021 Cork – Haematology meeting

13th Sept 2021 |

We were delighted to work with trainees in Cork. We ran a workshop to teach critical appraisal skills to HIV trainees. The course was aimed at upskilling clini...

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Sept 2021 Saudi Food and Drug Authority

08th Sept 2021 | Workshop

We ran a workshop for medical professionals in Riyadh and thoroughly enjoyed an interactive session critically appraising recent publications. An excellent audi...

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Sept 2021 Intercollegiate Fellowship Examinations – Congratulations!

06th Sept 2021 | Exams

The Critical Appraisal team would like to say a huge congratulations to all delegates that passed the ISFE critical appraisal exam. We have been running critica...

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Glasgow ISFE Training day

27th Aug 2021 | Bespoke Course, Exams

We presented at a bespoke event for trainees across Scotland who were preparing for their upcoming ISFE critical appraisal exams. Orthodontists, restorative su...

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Japan, Singapore & China - How to dissect Real World Evidence (RWE)

24th Aug 2021 | Workshop

We were delighted to be part of a worldwide conference on Real World Evidence where over 700 delegates from around the globe attended. We ran a workshop on ‘How...

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