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Protocol writing for RCTs and RWE

29th Sept 2023 | Workshop

A productive workshop on Protocol writing for RCTs and RWE proved to be very impactful for delegates in Far East Asia, Europe and the US. Guidance was provided ...

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Critical appraisal requirements for RCTs & RWE – Fundamental & Advanced Courses

27th Sept 2023 | Bespoke Course, Journal Club

We were delighted to teach critical appraisal skills medical experts from a pharmaceutical organisation. The course was aimed at upskilling teams on how to appr...

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London County Hall - Microbiology and Haematology Clinicians & Pharmacists

06th Sept 2023 | Masterclass

We were delighted to work with Microbiology and Haematology clinicians & pharmacists in London. Delegates attended from across the London teaching hospitals...

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Sydney, Australia - Medical Teams ‘Critical Appraisal of Real World Evidence & RCTs’

24th Aug 2023 | Workshop

We were delighted to travel across the globe to Sydney, Australia to run a two day workshop on Critical Appraisal skills. We spent the first day understanding t...

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China – ‘Real World Evidence compared to RCTs’

09th Aug 2023 | Workshop

We were delighted to be part of training event in East Asia on real world data and real world evidence. We ran a workshop on ‘How to critically appraise RWE’. T...

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Barcelona - Real World Data and Real World Evidence

20th Jul 2023 | Workshop

We ran a series of workshops with MSLs across Barcelona to understand the importance of real world data and how to improve real world evidence. This was a produ...

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British Orthodontic Society: Critical Appraisal skills for the ISFE

05th Jul 2023 | Workshop

We were delighted to run a series of workshops on critical appraisal skills for the British Orthodontic Society. Two types of events were conducted to encourage...

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Organising your own Journal Club

22nd Jun 2023 | Journal Club

We had an excellent meeting with medical colleagues and presented on ‘How to present at a journal club’. Clinical papers were selected by the clinicians and we ...

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Manchester – Medical Advisors & Medical Science Liaison Teams

13th Jun 2023 | Bespoke Course

We've been working with a pharmaceutical company to design a course to improve critical appraisal skills amongst MSLs. The one day event took place in Mancheste...

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Singapore & Hong Kong – Critical Appraisal of Real World Evidence (RWE)

06th Jun 2023 | Conferences

We were delighted to be invited to speak at a conference on Real World Evidence. We ran a workshop on statistical methods associated with RWE and application of...

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