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Online tutoring: Critical Appraisal viva or Interview Practice

12th May 2023 | Online Course

Some interviews require you to critically appraise an abstract or extracts of a clinical paper and present this to a team of experts under timed conditions. Wit...

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Medical Microbiology meeting

05th May 2023 | Bespoke Course

We organised a tailor-made Live Virtual Classroom Course via WebEx for pharmaceutical medical colleagues. The session was tailor-made and covered the key topic...

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Lancashire Care NHS Trust – Journal Club

28th Apr 2023 | Journal Club

We worked in partnership with a multidisciplinary team who are setting up their journal club meetings. Well done to the whole team for critically appraising th...

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Rare Diseases and the relevance of Real World Evidence (RWE)

21st Apr 2023 | Bespoke Course

We presented at a bespoke event for MSLs across the Midlands on rare diseases and real world evidence. A mixture of RWE clinical papers for the practical appli...

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Haematology meeting

07th Apr 2023 | Masterclass

We ran a workshop to teach critical appraisal skills to HIV trainees. The course was aimed at upskilling clinicians on how to appraise clinical papers objective...

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Windsor: Improving critical appraisal skills for future Consultants

07th Apr 2023 | Bespoke Course

Windsor was the venue for a training course this week for a pharmaceutical company. The training was called ‘Pitfalls in Medical Statistics in Clinical Trials’....

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Japan, Singapore & China - How to dissect Real World Evidence (RWE)

31st Mar 2023 | Workshop

We were delighted to be part of a worldwide conference on Real World Evidence where over 700 delegates from around the globe attended. We ran a workshop on ‘How...

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Online Journal Club

24th Mar 2023 | Journal Club

We had an excellent meeting with medical colleagues and presented on ‘how to present at a journal club’. Clinical papers were selected by the company and we we...

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Critical appraisal requirements for RWE

10th Mar 2023 | Workshop

We attended a workshop in Richmond to teach critical appraisal skills medical experts from a pharmaceutical organisation. The course was aimed at upskilling te...

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Concept Sheet Writing Masterclass

03rd Mar 2023 | Workshop, Bespoke Course

A productive workshop on concept sheet writing and guidance on publishing studies proved to be very impactful for our MSLs in the US. We are looking forward to...

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