Critical appraisal training for SAS doctors in Milton Keynes

29th Feb 2016 | Online Course, Workshop, Bespoke Course

Last week we ran a critical appraisal bespoke course for a group of Staff Grades and Associate Specialists (SAS doctors) in the Oxford Deanery.

The event took place at Kents Hill Park, an impressive purpose-built training and conference centre in Milton Keynes. The doctors worked in a variety of specialties and their existing critical appraisal skills and needs varied.

Over two days delegates were led through an 84 page workbook comprising of short exercises and clinical papers. The interactive nature of the course was enhanced with the use of digital handsets to test the audience.

All the delegates were provided with CPD certificates (12 points) for their revalidation portfolios, reflective practice templates and access to the Critical Appraisal Online Course to consolidate their learning.

The excellent feedback comments included:

Excellent course and day

Very informative and useful

Presenter was excellent

Really brought the subject to life

I was kept engaged all the way through (I thought this was going to be a dry subject)

The slides, material, interactive nature and the knowledgeable, fantastic, excellent, brilliant presenter - Dr G Gosall

Course material prepared very well

Speakers presentation skills were excellent, particularly enjoyed the jokes

Speaker was eloquent, knowledgeable and presented very well

This course has heightened my interest in papers and research and I am excited to apply this new found knowledge to practice

The content was relevant and well-delivered

Every aspect was fantastic and brilliant

Critical Appraisal was wonderful. It was taught in a very systematic and interesting way.

The tutor demonstrated knowledge and enthusiasm

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Strongly agree: 24

The workshop materials helped me to learn (workbook, interactive handset)
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Strongly agree: 20

I have improved my knowledge and understanding of how to appraise a research paper
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