Critical Appraisal - we're running virtual courses

11th Oct 2021 | Virtual training, Workshop, Masterclass, Webinars

Critical Appraisal Virtual Courses

The Critical Appraisal Company have continued to run virtual critical appraisal events for healthcare professionals. These have ranged from half-day, full day to two day events. Many trainees have been preparing for critical appraisal

Critical Appraisal Workshop and Critical Appraisal Masterclass

The critical appraisal workshops and masterclasses are now all running virtually using zoom. Please visit our website if you are interested in upskilling your critical appraisal skills; contact us for further details:

Critical Appraisal Virtual Webinars

The Critical Appraisal Company have been running virtual critical appraisal webinars at lunchtimes for healthcare professionals. If you need a quick overview on how to appraise your clinical papers or how to present your literature at a journal club then come along to our next session. Contact us for further details:

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