New critical appraisal course materials launched

04th Apr 2013 | Online Course, Workshop, Masterclass

Today the postman delivered a very special package to our office! We took delivery of our brand new workbook that will be used in the Critical Appraisal Masterclass and Critical Appraisal Workshop.

The workbook has doubled in size and is now in full colour, to make navigating it and reading it easier. However, the changes are not just cosmetic. We've listened to the feedback from our delegates and implemented every great idea! As a result, every page of the original workbook has been updated.

The workbook is packed with more exercises than ever before. Over 50 excerpts from clinical papers are used to illustrate the key learning points to make critical appraisal easy to understand. References to The Doctor’s Guide to Critical Appraisal and the Critical Appraisal Online Course are included on every page. Both the award-winning book and access to the online course are included with course reservations. By not duplicating factual information from these two sources in the workbook, more room has been allocated to exercises.

Our delegates love the interactive nature of our events and now that interactive element is significantly increased - no pun intended! It’s taken an incredible amount of time to perfect the workbook and we're very proud of the result. We can’t wait to see the reaction of delegates to the new learning materials!

The new workbook will debut in the Critical Appraisal Workshops in Dubai and London later this month.

Critical appraisal handout