Journal Club Presentations Made Easy

Gurpal Gosall & Narinder Gosall, 2010, 1st edition, 56 pages

The growing importance of an evidence-based approach to clinical practice is reflected in the emergence of journal clubs as a routine fixture in the academic meetings in many hospitals. The format of these journal clubs varies but most commonly a doctor is asked to critically appraise and present a research article. Unfortunately many doctors never receive guidance and the standard of many presentations falls short.

Journal Club Presentations Made Easy is the step-by-step guide you have been waiting for. Its unique practical approach will help you to easily and quickly produce content of the highest quality. As well as detailed advice about the information to extract from the methods and results sections of clinical papers, it contains sample slides and speaker notes to help you improve your own delivery. Impress your audience with a presentation that is concise, focused and relevant.

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