The Critical Appraisal Masterclass is an intensive overview of critical appraisal knowledge and skills. This is a practical training event, using short exercises on excerpts from clinical papers to illustrate key concepts.

  Pre-course work (optional)
  Critical Appraisal Online Course (instant access after booking)
  Agenda - Using short exercises workbook
0830 Registration
0900 Introduction to evidence-based practice
0910 The clinical question; primary hypothesis; subgroup analysis; confounding
0930 Types of study design
0950 Sampling
1015 Bias
1045 Refreshment break
1100 Matching; randomisation
1130 Blinding
1200 Reliability; validity; outcomes
1230 Lunch
1330 Describing and summarising data
1345 Risks and odds
1430 Null hypothesis and p values
1515 Refreshment break
1530 Correlation and regression
1600 Prognostic studies
1630 Diagnostic studies
1715 Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
1800 Feedback and close
  Post-course work
  Critical Appraisal Online Course (access for 3 months)
  The Doctor's Guide to Critical Appraisal book (included in the delegate pack)