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Yesterday I booked a one month subscription (online critical appraisal) as I was not entirely sure about the course. After using it for less than 24 hours I have realized it is a tremendous course. My congratulations to the organizers. It is an amazing course.
Amaury Delgado Hernandez, UK
Great lectures and great lecturer.
Barry Hahn, USA
Really informative and simplified course. Does clear up confusion around complicated statistical terms.
Maha Khan, UK
I think the online course is extremely helpful. It's exactly what I needed for preparing for my forthcoming exam.
Purnima Chhabra, UK
I am a final year SpR in Emergency Medicine. Many thanks for writing such an excellent book and for running an excellent on-line course. Both the book and the course makes it easy to understand statistics. I know at least six SpRs who read your book and passed the critical appraisal exam (which is one of the parts of the exit exam in Emergency Medicine). This exam is quite tough and your book and the course helps in understanding of the terms which makes it easy to write the applied answers.
Rajnish Mittal, UK
Overall i have been very impressed with the course. It quite closely follows the syllabus for [MRCPsych] Paper 3 critical appraisal. Overall great value for money and will be useful revision in the future when appraising studies.
Anna Wilkin, UK
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and delivered very well.
Le Moss, Australia
It is great to learn how to access, interpret and apply the information. The power of knowledge is amazing.
Sabina Kay, Canada
Excellent. Thank you. [Taking FRANZCP written exam]
Dilani Rathnaweera, Australia
I am mailing to thank you for providing an extremely helpful course. Both classroom course and online course are good and I appreciate the hard work you put in place to help students to pass these really tough exams. I have passed my MRCPsych Paper 2!!! Many thanks to all of you.
Shweta Saraswat, UK
I found the course invaluable. I have just completed a subject in evidence-based practice which did not provide as much detail or explain concepts so succinctly.
Kirrily Pols, Australia
The course was excellent and I would recommend it to others.
Vrinda Shet, UK
The course was very good indeed!
Marco Isetta, UK
Impressive eye opener! Really good to summarise and elicit key points to deal with.
Sergio Arellano, UK
Very good course; easy to understand and apply; statistics made very simple.
Ananthanag Kadiyala, UK
Your critical apprasial course is really good. I will recommend it to my friends.
Sean Liu, Taiwan
I have found the online material very helpful. The use of examples and visual aids have been much appreciated as they seem to help one understand and memorize better. Ive found the course material to be relevant and up to the mark. The use of presentations uses a very smooth and easy flow.
Mohammad Wazir, UK
Good course, cleared many concepts.
Ishrat Khan, UK
The online course is very interesting , very beneficial with excellent lectures. Thanks a lot.
Nehad Mahdy, United Arab Emirates
The online course was beneficial for me. Thank you very much for this course.
Nehad Hassan Mahdy Abd El Magid, United Arab Emirates
Thanks so much, the course is very great and am so happy i took it.
Taiwo Akhigbe, Ireland
I found the online course very interesting and the steps are very easy to follow. The clarity of audio is very impressive.
Mouza AlSharhan, United Arab Emirates
The course is excellent. It is easy to understand and covers everything required. Thanks.
Mitu Dhall, UK
Thank you very much - it is a great course.
Fortunate Mchechesi, Australia
Found the course extremely useful.... concepts clearly explained .... I would say that course is a must have tool for anyone having a go at the MRCPsych exam.
Balasubramanya Seetharama Rao, Ireland