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Excellent course for FCEM exam revision. Gives a solid grounding in critical appraisal which allows practice with confidence.
Mike Davison, UK
This is my first exposure to critical appraisal.I was able to follow the online delivery as the explanations were simple enough to understand. I enjoyed it I must confess.What a springboard!
Okereke Okereke, Ireland
Thank you again for running such an informative and educational course especially for people like me who are not experienced researchers. I find that the course has already increased my confidence in reading and critically appraising articles.
Doris Tallon, UK
I have completed the online critical appraisal course and I would like to thank you very much for a well put together package and it has helped me greatly in my understanding of critical appraisal.
Wayne Thornton, UK
I found your course very useful.
John Shum, Hong Kong
Very clear explanation of sometimes complex concepts.Very useful!
Rahul Bhat, UK
I found the course helpful.
Katalin Laczko, Australia
Excellent, concise, easy to understand. The assessment questions were really a good way of testing understanding. A dry topic has been made very easy and enjoyable. Thanks.
Nikhil Rao, UK
I have done part of the on-line course and have found it very useful [ISFE exam]. The presentations are very well organised. Well done! I am enjoying the on-line course.
Jinesh Shah, UK
Very user friendly, easy to understand basics and build up on. Particularly useful for me as I was feeling rusty after returning from mat leave.
Shvetha Chilukuri, UK
I would like to thank you for this great value critical apprisal course. I got a job in East Midland Deanery after doing very well in the critical appraisal station. It is very useful to my current MSc degree as well.
Hatem Salama, UK
It is an excellent course. I really enjoyed it! Great presentations, beautiful voice, clear explanations and interesting quizzes.
Zhuang Miao, New Zealand
Yes, it was a great course and I enjoyed the learning very much.
Jagdish Maharaj, Australia
It was a wonderful course.... I am so happy that I found you online... I was lucky. It is smooth, the info is so clear and exactly what i needed to know.
Deyana Oweis, UK
I have finished the online course. I found it very useful and comprehensive.
Ismail El-Mokadem, UK
In brief, your course is really great. I already started recommending it.
Mohamed Khider, Saudi Arabia
I have found the course extremely useful. There is loads of information within the course but it is very easy to navigate round making it possible to break down the tutorials into manageable sections.
James Griffiths, UK
It was a very good experience and yes I will be recommending It to others.
Sylvia Khurram, UK
I found the course very good. Its strength is its ability to explain statistical concepts in straightforward language. You also illustrate concepts with examples well.
Yasmin Sultan, UK
I have enjoyed reading the material, will recommend to our trainees who will be interested. Best wishes for further progress.
Sanjay Patole, Australia
This online course is absolutely fantastic and well presented. i have just finished the methodology section and looking forward to the other lectures. I feel more confident already with critical appraisals. Well done.
Mohamud Amin, Ireland
I found the course very useful. I am preparing for the RANZCP , Australasia Fellowship exam and felt complex issues were described in very simple and effective terms. I would strongly recommend it to any person sitting similar exams.
Samir Heble, New Zealand
Thanks for your online course - it was extremely helpful in studying for my psychiatry exams in Australia. The quiz online was a good way to work out what I'd learnt and what I hadn't. The handouts are great and the way you set things out so logically is fantastic. For once I have actually learnt something about this stuff!
Liza Siebuhr, Australia
Excellent Course - I totally nailed the academic viva component of the FRCS exit exam. The Doctor's Guide to Critical Appraisal is the best book on the market too. I really valued the 'test your knowledge' sections too. i'm quite capable of not absorbing what i read when it comes to this subject. Before I knew it, I'd effortlessly learned all I needed - quickly. I didn't even bother doing practice papers. Stumbled upon this site by accident - you should market yourselves better!!! Solid Gold. Thank you a million!
Sascha Dua, UK
Thank you for the enormous efforts invested in developing such an informative and user friendly course. Please keep on the good work.
Adnan Alweqayyan, Kuwait