How to read a paper

13/12/21 at 12:00pm


This virtual course is intended primarily for healthcare professionals and researchers who would like to develop their skills on critically appraising articles to present at journal clubs for group discussion. You will be taught how to dissect the clinical paper to help you to identify the strengths and limitations of the study as well as discuss areas on how a study could be improved and if the results are useful for your own clinical practice.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Understand how perform a critical appraisal of an article and present your findings at a journal club.
  • Understand how to discuss the internal and external validity of a randomised controlled trial.
  • Topics that will be covered: trial design, bias, confounding factors, sample size, power, intention to treat analysis, missing data, confidence intervals, type I & type II error and interpretation of study results.

Length of session 90 minutes
CPD: 1.5 hours