Critical Appraisal Workshop (2 days)

The Critical Appraisal Workshop is our most comprehensive critical appraisal training event. The workshop lasts two days and covers everything you need to read clinical papers with confidence. Compared to the one day Critical Appraisal Masterclass, more time is available in the workshop for practical work, including appraising real clinical papers. The workshop is popular amongst people who want to improve their critical appraisal knowledge, practice their new skills on published research and learn how to speed read clinical papers.



Everything you need to critically appraise research papers is covered over two days.


CPD accredited

Approved for 12 hours continuing professional development by The CPD Standards Office.


Practical exercises

You'll complete many exercises in your handout and answer questions using digital wireless handsets.

magnifying glass

Real papers

You'll appraise real clinical papers under the expert guidance of our tutors using your new knowledge and skills.


Includes online access

You get free access to the online course from when you book until 6 months after the workshop.



The workshop is aimed at healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, nurses, researchers & students.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the meaning of evidence-based medicine and the importance of critical appraisal skills
  • Be able to identify different study designs
  • Be able to evaluate the methods of any study for strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand how to choose a statistical test to analyse data and be able to interpret the results of any study
  • Be able to calculate clinically useful statistics from results data
  • Be able to decide whether to change clinical practice based on the results of a study


  • Speed-read clinical research papers - and enjoy it!
  • Impress your colleagues in journal clubs with your critical appraisal skills!
  • Give gold standard answers to critical appraisal questions in interviews!
  • Write authoritative literature reviews and get top marks!
  • Pass critical appraisal exams with ease - no more revision required!

One of the best courses I've been on - structured, no assumed knowledge, interactive but not in a stressful way so free to concentrate without worrying. Speaker was excellent. Feel much better equipped.

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