Edinburgh hosts the Critical Appraisal Masterclass

13th Aug 2011 | Masterclass

The Caledonian Hilton in Edinburgh is the epitome of style and excellence and was the perfect venue for the Critical Appraisal Masterclass today.

We insist on using high quality conference venues and the five star Caledonian Hilton didn't disappoint.The fantastic service allowed our delegates to focus on learning about critical appraisal, helped by regular helpings of tea and coffee and a delicious lunch.

Delegates worked in a variety of specialties, including emergency medicine, surgery and dentistry, and travelled from as far away as Canada. The timing of the course in August also gave everyone the opportunity to experience the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest arts festival, taking place this weekend.

We'll be returning to Scotland in 2012!

Edinburgh caledonian hilton