Updated Critical Appraisal Company website design introduced

06th May 2015 |

The criticalappraisal.com website has been given a makeover!

The new logo is now in use throughout the site but the biggest change is behind the scenes. The new responsive design caters to the increasing number of people browsing on mobile phones and tablets.

Pages automatically adjust to the size and orientation of smaller screens so that the text always remains readable. People browsing using high resolution display devices, such as the latest iPads and laptops, will also notice that the text and images on the website appear sharper.

We've also taken the opportunity to review the infomation on the website. Pages are more concise and more tables and colour are used to break up longer pages.

Taken together, we hope these changes make browsing the website an even better experience! Feedback is welcome via our helpdesk - get in touch!

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