Clinical papers workbook updated

29th Mar 2016 | Workshop

The second edition (2016) of the clinical papers workbook has been published by The Critical Appraisal Company.

The most obvious change is that the paper size has been reduced from A3 to A4 but there are also innovative changes inside based on our experience of teaching critical appraisal to delegates of all abilities.

The greater use of colour and labels has allowed us to offer more content in less space. Important components of clinical papers are highlighted for reading and discussion during workshops. Based on feedback from delegates, an extra randomised controlled trial and an extra meta-analysis are now included to offer more practice of these important study designs.

The new workbook has been trialled in recent events and has been received enthusiastically. It is important for us to know that our course materials are the best available anywhere.

As before, the workbook is exclusively available to delegates attending the Critical Appraisal Workshop.

Clinical papers workbook 2nd edition