Critical Appraisal Company - The enduring power of testimonials

06th May 2015 | Workshop, Masterclass

As any successful company knows, word-of-mouth recommendations are the best form of advertising! We are grateful that many people study our critical appraisal courses following recommendations from colleagues.

It reassures us that we're delivering what our customers want. How do other people decide? If you don't know anyone who has attended a course, how do you decide whether to attend?

Many websites contain customer testimonials but therein lies a problem - can you trust the testimonials? It takes literally seconds to type a few favourable comments! This problem of trust is something we've tackled on this website by showing handwritten testimonials - and not just a few selective ones either!

On the Critical Appraisal Masterclass and Critical Appraisal Workshop pages, you can read hundreds of original testimonials from our satisified customers, all collected anonymously at the end of classroom events.

We hope they illustrate why we have a reputation for the best critical appraisal skills training courses! Now that's something to shout about!

Hand pen