Critical appraisal courses for psychiatrists

23rd Mar 2012 | Online Course, Bespoke Course

We ran a bespoke critical appraisal course today for a group of psychiatrists in South Yorkshire. Bespoke courses are easy to organise and are a cost-effective way of training large numbers of people.

We provide advertising flyers, CPD certificates and tailor the course material to the needs of the audience. Today's event was attended by Consultant Psychiatrists, trainee psychiatrists and GP trainees. We assumed no prior knowledge and taught critical appraisal from first principles.

Practical advice was given on how to improve journal club presentations and the topics covered included those examined in the MRCPsych exams. Interactive digital handsets were used to test the delegates throughout the day. Delegates are given access to the Critical Appraisal Online Course to help them consolidate their new knowledge and skills.

If you want to organise a similar course for your department, get in touch!