Critical Appraisal training in Orlando, Florida

25th Jan 2012 | Workshop, Bespoke Course

Today we ran a critical appraisal skills course for a major pharmaceutical company at the Peabody hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The training took the form of an interactive workshop session during the company's conference. Delegates were guided through the knowledge and skills of critical appraisal, with our course materials supplemented by real examples in the company's own medical research literature.

This type of bespoke critical appraisal course makes up a large part of the work we do. We've worked with companies large and small to empower people to understand and communicate research evidence with more confidence. Our innovative approach and the high quality of our training materials are internationally recognised.

Organising a bespoke critical appraisal course is easy - simply contact us with your ideas and requirements.

Peabody hotel orlando