Multidisciplinary critical appraisalteaching in Birmingham

11th Jun 2015 | Bespoke Course

It was back to Birmingham today for another bespoke training session. Doctors, pharmacists and clinical laboratory staff from all over the country were brought together for a medical training day.

Specialties represented included ICU, anaesthesia, haematology and microbiology. With more and more evidence published every year and increasing patient expectations, being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of research is a skill every healthcare professional should master.

The core knowledge is generic and applicable to research in every clinical specialty and profession. It’s only at the end of a critical appraisal when the discussion turns to clinical significance and the impact on patients that specialist knowledge about the current state of play is valuable.

To underline the educational importance of the training, the event was accredited for CPD by the Royal College of Physicians.