Online tutoring: Critical Appraisal viva or Interview Practice

Some interviews require you to critically appraise an abstract or extracts of a clinical paper and present this to a team of experts under timed conditions.

With lots of practice this can end up being an excellent interview.

If you wish to organise a 1:1 session to practice your critical appraisal skills for an upcoming interview or viva then contact our team for more information:

WebEx Training Opportunities

No time for face to face training? Why not try organising a tailor-made WebEx training session. Our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a session to meet your objectives.

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We can discuss your requirements and tailor a session to meet your objectives.


Your location

Tutoring via WebEx, Skype or Zoom from the comfort of your own office or home.


Your source material

We teach you everything about critical appraisal. The agenda will be adjusted to spend more time on skills and content of your choosing.


Your course

Critical Appraisal Online Tutoring is your course. The focus is on you and your success.

Is Critical Appraisal Online Tutoring suitable for you?

Critical Appraisal Online Tutoring sessions are ideal for healthcare professionals who are preparing for their final exit examinations or interviews and prefer a personalised tailored approach. We can create a bespoke coaching package that's right for you, giving you one-to-one training with a Critical Appraisal expert. This could include tuition plus preparation time for clinical papers or exam questions.

All options include access to the Critical Appraisal Online Course and The Doctor's Guide to Critical Appraisal (4th edition, 2015). We expect that these materials will have been studied prior to the training session. You will have the option to select clinical papers to practice on the day and will be given feedback on the critiques of the selected studies selected.

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