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British orthodontic conference 2013

Critical appraisal masterclass 2013

20th Sept 2013 | Online Course, Masterclass, Bespoke Course

The Critical Appraisal Company ran a free masterclass today for the British Orthodontic Society at the British Orthodontic Conference 2013 in Manchester. Entit...

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Critical appraisal training for the FRCS exam

26th Aug 2013 | Online Course, Bespoke Course

Yesterday we ran a bespoke revision course for a group of surgeons preparing for the FRCS exam. To save time, the surgeons were given access to the Critical App...

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Upgrades now available to attend critical appraisal classroom events

22nd Apr 2013 | Online Course, Workshop, Masterclass

The Critical Appraisal Company continues to make learning critical appraisal knowledge and skills as cheap and easy as possible. Subscribers to the Critical App...

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Critical Appraisal Online Course multiuser subscriptions

19th Apr 2013 | Online Course

Substantial discounts are now available for multiuser subscriptions to the Critical Appraisal Online Course. Start saving with a one month subscription for 10 u...

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Hong kong

Critical Appraisal Workshop in Hong Kong

15th Apr 2013 | Online Course, Workshop

The Critical Appraisal Workshop is returning to Hong Kong on 26-27 October 2013. The venue is the Rennaisance Harbour View Hotel, a 5-star hotel situated on the...

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Critical appraisal handout

New critical appraisal course materials launched

04th Apr 2013 | Online Course, Workshop, Masterclass

Today the postman delivered a very special package to our office! We took delivery of our brand new workbook that will be used in the Critical Appraisal Masterc...

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Trinity college dublin

Critical appraisal training for MSc course students

15th Mar 2013 | Online Course, Bespoke Course

This week we delivered critical appraisal training to clinical microbiologists on a Master of Science (MSc) course at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland's premier ...

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Critical appraisal course in Melbourne

12th Dec 2012 | Online Course, Workshop, Bespoke Course

The ancient Mayan calendar may have predicted that the world would end in December 2012 but that didn't stop us from running a Critical Appraisal Bespoke Course...

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San francisco city

Critical appraisal training in San Francisco

27th Jun 2012 | Online Course, Bespoke Course

We are in San Francisco this week running a training session at a conference. The conference delegates already have access to the Critical Appraisal Online Cour...

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Fcem emergency medicine

Critical appraisal for FCEM

05th Jun 2012 | Online Course, Workshop, Masterclass

The Fellowship Examination of the College of Emergency Medicine (FCEM) includes an assessment of critical appraisal knowledge and skills. In the academic sectio...

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