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The Critical Appraisal Course was one of the best courses I've ever attended. Thanks very much for the valuable effort.
Sufyan Ahmad Mohammad Othman, United Arab Emirates
You guys have done an amazing job.It's really easy to understand as you have simplified it by giving examples.
Zafrina Majid, UK
I am enjoying the course and find it really informative, practical and perfectly suited to the general attention span of physicians.
Kelly Fisher, Canada
The critical appraisal course has been very good, both the classroom and the online one. Very simple and clearly explained.
Biju Cherian, UK
I am just writing to say how much I am enjoying the critical appraisal online course. It is explaining everything clearly.
Susanna Roughton, UK
Preparing for FCEM exam (Emergency Medicine). Online course is very comprehensive, concise and easy to understand.
Franklin James, UK
I really enjoyed the presentations. It was very beneficial and would like to congratulate the presenter on a job well done.
Ashwinder Anand, Australia
I'm enjoying your material a lot. I find it easy to use and access. Love the material!
Alexander Caracatsanis, Australia
Very clear presented. Much easier to understand than books.
Vivienne James, Australia
I've enjoyed the course - excellent presenter and excellent online resource. Thanks.
Chun Yu, Australia
Very good. Extremely good presentations. Best course I have ever been to. Excellent. Thank you. Fantastic value!
This is an excellent course and I came out enlightened about something that I was too scared to study on my own.
Excellent course. A to Z of critical appraisal.
Not only the content but the teaching techniques were excellent. Your course was really lucid and easy to understand. The exercises were very well constructed.
The course was very helpful. Thanks for helping me overcome my fear of critical appraisal. Excellent.
Fabulous venue! Extremely comfortable. Superb food, coffee, hospitality. I felt spoiled! Speaker very clear and animated. He has amazing presence and stamina! Thank you.
Outstanding. The best course I've ever attended.
Excellent. Concise and informative. Very pleased to have found this course online.
It is an excellent course. Thank you for making critical appraisal easy. I no longer have critical appraisal phobia and will not avoid journal clubs in the future.
Very useful course. Concise and easy to follow. Enjoyed the interactive nature of the course. Thanks!
Fantastic course. Interactive session helps understand better. Lot of my doubts cleared. I would definitely recommend to others.
Best course I have attended. Very lucid.
Excellent venue. Excellent food. Very well organised. Very grateful that the course times were kept to strictly without waiting for late candidates. Have seen the online course. Easy to use. Well laid out. Looking forward to completing it. The best and most applicable stats for doctors textbook I have seen/used (and used many). Thank you for a pleasant and painless day. Very good speaker. Just what I had hoped for today.
Absolute eureka feeling!! Excellent teacher and teaching skills. Have never been for any other course but likely will not need to this is more than enough!
Well delivered. Very well presented. Good and very helpful during explanations. Handset useful and anonymous (very helpful).