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Intercollegiate Fellowship Examinations – Congratulations!

03rd Mar 2021 | Exams, ISFE

The Critical Appraisal team would like to say a huge congratulations to all delegates that passed the ISFE critical appraisal component. We have been running cr...

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ISFE: Changes to the Intercollegiate Fellowship Examinations

01st Mar 2021 | Exams

The new exam format that was announced in February this year will mean that there will the Critical Appraisal Part A examination will include three clinical pap...

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Critical Appraisal Virtual Courses

24th Feb 2021 | Virtual training, Masterclass, Workshop, Webinars

The Critical Appraisal Company have been running virtual critical appraisal events for healthcare professionals during the past 10 months. These have ranged fro...

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Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2020

09th Feb 2021 | awards

Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2020 The Critical Appraisal Company are delighted to be awarded the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2020. Y...

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Best Critical Appraisal Course Provider 2020

07th Oct 2020 | awards, critical appraisal

Corporate Vision has finalised the results of the 2020 Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2020 and we are delighted to announce we have been presented wi...

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COVID-19 pandemic - all courses to be delivered by virtual online teaching

23rd Sep 2020 | Virtual training, COVID-19

The Critical Appraisal Company remain committed to excellence in education and learning. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our courses will be delivered by...

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Our online training options

20th May 2020 | Online Course, Interview Practice

Critical Appraisal Live Virtual Classroom Courses Why not organise a tailor-made Live Virtual Classroom Course via WebEx, Skype or Zoom. Our team will be happy...

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28th April: Online Journal Club

07th May 2020 |

We had an excellent meeting with medical colleagues and presented on ‘how to present at a journal club’. Clinical papers were selected by the company and we wer...

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21st April 2020: Critical Appraisal Interview Practice

30th Apr 2020 | Interview Practice

We liaised with colleagues in the UAE to discuss key principles of critical appraisal skills and practiced for their interviews. The delegates were required to ...

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20th April: Pharmaceutical commercial teams

27th Apr 2020 | Bespoke Course

We organised a tailor-made Live Virtual Classroom Course via WebEx for pharmaceutical commercial colleagues. The session was tailor-made and covered the key top...

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