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Manuscript writing

24th Feb 2023 | Workshop

A productive workshop on manuscript writing and guidance on publishing studies proved to be very impactful for students in India. We are looking forward to see...

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Statistical Modelling in Clinical trials

10th Feb 2023 | Workshop

A productive workshop on Statistical Modelling in Clinical trials proved to be very impactful for our US MSL teams. We delivered training on statistical modell...

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Liverpool - Medical Science Liaison Teams

03rd Feb 2023 | Bespoke Course

We've been working with a pharmaceutical company to design a course to improve critical appraisal skills amongst MSLs. The one day event took place in Liverpoo...

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Biostatistics Dermatology meeting

27th Jan 2023 | Workshop

We were delighted to work with trainees in Birmingham. We ran a workshop to teach critical appraisal skills to trainees. The course was aimed at upskilling cli...

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Real World Data and Real World Evidence

20th Jan 2023 | Workshop

We ran a series of workshops with MSLS across Europe to understand the importance of real world data and how to improve real world evince. This was a productiv...

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Australian Journal Club

13th Jan 2023 | Journal Club

We had an excellent meeting with medical colleagues and presented on ‘how to present at a journal club’. Clinical papers were selected by the company and we we...

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MSL Excellence: Real World Data Generation

06th Jan 2023 | Events

Narinder was invited to be a panellist for an advisory committee. The discussions were based around how to up-skill the global Medical Scientific Liaison commu...

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US, Europe, Japan, Singapore & China – ‘How to critically appraise clinical studies’

16th Dec 2022 | Workshop

We were delighted to be part of a worldwide conference on Evidence Based Medicine where over 700 delegates from around the globe attended. We ran a workshop on...

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Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022

02nd Dec 2022 | awards

The Critical Appraisal Company are delighted to be awarded the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022. You can access the official press release here: h...

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Pharmaceutical Companies: WebEx Training Opportunities

18th Oct 2021 | Virtual training, Bespoke Course

Why not try organising a tailor-made WebEx training session. Our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a session to meet your objectives a...

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